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Do you have organic certificate or FDA certificate for USA- or EU-market?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

No. We can not provide any certificate about the teas and tea set in our wholesale lists.

We would like to tell the true story about tea business in China.

  • Chinese teas are not prodcuts made in morden high-teachnology factories. China is the homeland of tea which has several thousand years history. Chinese teas are nature and green products from the begining, because there were no chemical and pesticides in the ancient.

  • In Chinese tea markets, we do not use so-called "organic tea" concept, and Chinese tea lovers prefer drinking "handmade tea" that professional tea masters make teas using traditional tea plantting and producing method. Or prefer buying expensive "wild tea" which tea farmers picking leaves of wild-growing tea trees in high mountain.

  • Organic certificate is not needed in Chinese wholesale market. Organic certificate would be necessary for exporting tea with large quantities, or cheap tea which are sold in supermarket as a normal food. As a wholesaler, we usually provide high-grade and premium tea for tea lovers who enjoy tea to seek for wonderful spirit and taste experience.

  • We are a small family-owned wholesaler, and not a trading company. if you need cetificated teas, please contact trading companies.

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